Why You Need a Data Management Maturity Assessment

Why you need a data management Maturity Assessment

Do you know how well you are managing your data today? Do you know whether your organisation values their data? Can you confidently predict which Data Management activities will deliver the greatest value to your organisation? If the answer to those questions is “no”, then you need a Data Management Maturity Assessment. Read on!

What can I use a Data Management Maturity Assessment for?

I presume you are here because your Organisation is aiming to improve your Data Management capabilities, or because you would like your Organisation to improve its Data Management capabilities.

In order to improve anything, you first need to know what capability it has today. “What Gets Measured Gets Managed” is the mantra. In order to measure your Data Management capabilities, you need to run a Data Management Maturity Assessment.

Our report is targeted at those looking to improve or enhance key areas of their Data Management capability. The report gives you a sense of the areas you could focus your attention on, and scores you against each. Armed with the scores you can build a roadmap and Data Management Strategy that will take you where you want to be.

As you progress through your project you will want to continue to measure yourself. So come back and re-run this in 6-12 months time to understand how much progress you have made. Show that to your boss to justify next year’s Data Management spend!

What will I achieve with the Data Management Maturity Assessment Report?

The first achievement will be to document the current state. This may require more effort than you think. You will need to have a view across the organisation, looking at its People, Processes, Technologies and Attitude to Data. The fact that completing this Assessment may be a challenge should not put you off. Without the Report you run the risk of:

  • Missing the opportunity to prove your value to the Organisation
  • Lacking the ability to accurately describe the current state of Data Management to the Organisation
  • Not knowing which parts of your Organisation need improvement the most

Obviously this is not ideal. Without a clear picture of where you are today, how are you supposed to plot a journey to where you want to be tomorrow? Take a look at our Sample Data Management Maturity Report. This shows the categories, subcategories and overall format of the report you will get.

The Challenge of Data Maturity Assessments

Historically there have been two choices for running a Data Management Maturity Assessment. 1.) Build your own in house, or 2.) Hire an external consultant to run one for you.

Option 1 is not ideal because it takes time and effort to compile the questions. You are also never sure if you’re asking enough questions, or whether there’s some further layer of the onion yet to be peeled. If you have created it in-house, there’s always the risk that someone thinks you’ve “cooked” the questions to give you a better score.

Option 2 is not ideal either, because you have to find an External Consultant with the skills to run the benchmark. You also need to pay them to do it – which might not be an option if you’re only just starting out on the journey. Given the benefit of the assessment is to measure progress, you’ll also have to pay them again when you want to re-measure. This could get costly, fast.

How will Cognopia Help with my Data Management Maturity Assessment?

We have created a Data Management Maturity Assessment and made it available online. The questions have been compiled based on a mixture of best-practice and our experience working in the field. There are 37 different questions that matter, and these are broken across 9 topic areas and a further 11 subcategorisations of Data Management Maturity.

The Data Management Maturity Assessment from Cognopia has 2 key advantages over the options described above:

  1. It’s free of charge, and available 24/7
  2. You don’t have to go through the time and effort to build it yourself
  3. We put the effort in to create the report for you

Yes, I know I said we only had 2 key advantages, but we always strive to give more here at Cognopia and this is no exception. We have taken most of the thinking out of doing this assessment. You will still need to answer the questions honestly. You might need to go elsewhere to validate the answers. But we have taken most of the grunt work out of the way here.

What’s the Catch in the Cognopia Data Management Maturity Assessment?

It’s not the sort of quiz you complete in 5 minutes. You’ll need somewhere between 15 and 25 minutes to complete this exercise, assuming you know the answers. What can I say? If you want to have value you have to put in some effort.

It’s also not the sort of quiz that gives you instant results. We are currently drafting these reports manually. As such we need to analyse the results and put together a report that has value for you. Please be patient with us, it will be worth the wait.

Clearly you will be giving us access to your data to be able to compile the report. As such you may have privacy concerns. We have attempted to address these with our comprehensive Cognopia Privacy Policy. If you have further concerns please drop me an email or connect and share them on LinkedIn.

Why is Cognopia Providing the Data Management Maturity Assessment for Free?

I know, it’s a lot of work for us and we haven’t automated it yet. So why would we do it for nothing? There’s 2 main answers to that question: 1.) we are sick of people wasting their money to produce these reports when they could have spent it more wisely elsewhere, and 2.) because we are genuinely keen on understanding the current “State of Data Governance in 2020”.

In an ideal world we will get a depth of answers to the online quiz that will allow us to produce in-depth, informative and beneficial research that will help the whole Data Management space improve. Once we have enough responses we can benchmark you not only against the answers you provide, but also against your peers. This should help remove the stigma about having a low level of maturity, and will allow us to build a community that can help one another improve.

Enough Already! I want a Data Management Maturity Assessment NOW!

And I don’t blame you. If you’re ready to go – head on over to the Cognopia Data Management Maturity Quiz page right now. Strap yourself in for 20 minutes or so and unleash the answers on us. If you ever need help to complete it, we’re only a phone call away.

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