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Is it time to reinvent the DAMA Wheel?

Reinvent the DAMA Wheel

How effective is your Data Management Progam? 🤔

I don’t mean “what do you tell your boss about your data management program?” or “what do you put on your resume?” when I ask that question 🤥

I mean “what do you think about when you’re tossing and turning in bed at night, worrying about whether the Data Management Program is working or not?” 😴 🛌 🥱

Truth be told, many Data Management Programs are horribly inefficient 👎

Lots of money is wasted on tooling and technology that ultimately ends up unused and ignored 💸

Lots of time is wasted in meetings and forums where no decisions are made ⏳

Worse, lots of Trust and Political Capital are drained out by the program, which is a precious commodity that can’t easily be bought back 🤝

What can you do about this?

Lots of firms reach for “Industry Standard” Frameworks – DAMA, DCAM and the like. They feel comfort in implementing “industry best practice” and think their problem was that they were trying to “reinvent the wheel”.

But I think these Frameworks are part of the problem. They’re a shorthand, bandaid 🩹 that acts as a security blanket for senior management that can be used to defend a program that fails to deliver value ✋

🛑 STOP 🛑

  • Isn’t it time we stopped looking outward, for a Framework or a Template or an Industry Best Practice, and started looking inward at why these things fail to work in our firm?
  • Shouldn’t we have the courage to admit there are bigger, deeper problems that our organisations face, across multiple “transformation” projects? 
  • Shouldn’t we focus on the Individuals in our business, to train, empower and encourage them to succeed with creativity and passion?

My view is that the DAMA Wheel is a great introduction to What to do and Why you need to do it. However, it’s missing the critical pieces – How you do it, and the Desire/Passion – Want to do it.

It’s time we Reinvent the Wheel – focusing on the Data Management Professionals that are tasked with designing, deploying and running these programs. 

Are you ready to see how we’re going to Reinvent the DAMA Wheel, putting people and leadership at its core?

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