Better decisions, more quickly

Use the power of decision intelligence to make better decisions, faster.

We help you make better decisions, more quickly by modelling the links between actions and outcomes. We’ll break down silos in your business and allow you to align the competing goals of multiple teams against the biggest challenges your business needs to overcome today.

C-suite leaders face many decisions every day, from what market to launch their product in, to which competitive products to target next. To be successful, they must quickly make sense of the complex relationships between their actions and the resulting outcomes.

The problem with most decision-makers is they rarely see more than one step ahead. Good leaders know that there are never any straight lines in big decisions – but relying on gut-feel and intuition is like driving a car by looking out of your rearview mirror – you’ll miss vital information.

Cognopia’s approach connects the dots between your available actions and allows you to quickly visualise the big picture. It helps corporate leaders model the links between actions and outcomes, and identify the insights that are most relevant to their situation.

Make better decisions with data-driven decision intelligence

Using causal decision diagrams, you can model the links between actions and outcomes to make better decisions, more quickly

By creating a visual model of your decision, we help your team avoid irrational biases, bridge silos between teams and departments, and let you test-drive your decision to see what the likely outcome will be before you’ve committed any resources.

Decide more quickly with data-driven decision intelligence

Get a clear view of the possible outcomes of your decisions.

Decision Intelligence combines machine-generated data with human insights to help organizations identify opportunities for improvement in mission-critical business decisions.

Better decisions, faster

Bring together your team to work through your most complex decisions faster and more effectively.

The behavioral sciences tell us that people factor in risks, rewards and other long-term consequences when they decide which action to take or risk taking no action at all. Cognopia helps you choose from these options – the best decisions are those derived through comparison of multiple possible options.

Take the guesswork out of decision-making

Identify key factors that influence decisions and use these insights to influence future decisions.

Cognopia delivers practical solutions such as decision workshops, causal decision diagrams and tools designed to connect your objectives with your strategy so you can make an informed choice about the most appropriate course of action based on past success rates, failure considerations, issue management experience etc., while mitigating issues before they arise rather than reacting after an emergency arises.

How it works:

First, we help you define the problem. Getting the right problem statement for any decision is half the battle. This will ensure we are all in agreement on what we’re solving, who should be involved, and what’s at stake for when we succeed.

Second, we pull your key people into a workshop designed to flush out all the hidden knowledge about this decision that’s locked up in your employee’s brains. Our skilled workshop hosts rapidly tease out ideas, insights and the opaque relationships between actions and outcomes that are critical to your success.

Finally, we model this insight into a graphical diagram that you can use to drive change and make better decisions, faster. The model will show us where we can leverage human insight, and where we bring in technology such as AI and machine learning. We’ll drive out the best decision for your business, taking the guesswork out of your major decisions and giving you confidence that your choice is a great one.