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Complex decisions carry risk. How certain are you that your strategic choices will succeed? We’ll help you test-drive your big decisions.
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What is Decision Intelligence?

Decision Intelligence is a framework for combining human and machine made decisions. It allows you to simulate a complex decision so you can predict the likely outcome before you are over-invested. This helps avoid unintended consequences and ensures you select the data and technology you really need to succeed.

Establish the Decision

What question do you really need to answer? We'll help you identify the real decision, set guidelines that shape your choices and bring together a diverse team to answer it.

Our Method Works

Identifying the real business question to answer is 90% of the work. Our approach will ensure you're solving the big-ticket items that drive business performance.

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Define Success

We will determine the objectives before the decision is made. Critically we'll establish measurable goals that help us understand whether our actions will help or hinder and can be used to demonstrate success.

Our Method Works

Sometimes goals compete with one another, and silos exist in your business. Our approach identifies this conflict so we can resolve it early.

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Coordinate Actions

We work with teams at all levels of your organisation to link together the relationship between action and outcome. We test assumptions to increase confidence that our decisions are right.

Our Method Works

Your Decision Model captures and documents the experience and knowledge of your business peers. This helps you avoid unintended consequences and ensures all stakeholders are engaged in your success.

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Where Decision Intelligence helps:

Big Bet Decisions

These are the make-or-break strategic decisions that shape your companies' future. These decisions are made infrequently, but have a major impact on the organisation. 

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Taking time to model a major decision ensures you've examined all angles before you take the plunge. Reduce the risk of a strategic misstep and identify areas where more data is needed before you commit.

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Cross-Cutting Decisions

Cross-Cutting decisions impact multiple parts of the organisation. Decision intelligence helps align different teams and identifies areas where incentives are misaligned.

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Strategies often fail because different teams have different goals. We'll identify this friction and eliminate it before it's too late.

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Delegated Decisions

If you have decisions that are being made at the wrong level of your organisation, you're likely wasting time and money. Let's find decisions that can be delegated or automated and free up your time for more strategic thinking.

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Our workshops engage C-Suite and "D-Suite" - the doers in your firm. Together we can identify decisions that can be delegated or automated to increase efficiency.

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Complex decisions carry risk. How certain are you that your strategic choices will succeed? We'll help you test-drive your big decisions.