Cognopia is the data strategy company

Strategy, consulting, and tools to help you succeed with data.

Our 2021 report on the state of data maturity showed that only 32% of firms have a data strategy today. Unsurprisingly, those firms with a data strategy scored substantially higher in our maturity report than their peers. Building a data strategy is the first step to gaining the full value of your data. We help you craft a data strategy that will drive growth and innovation.

Data Strategy Consulting

Our data strategy consultants are trained to help you develop a data strategy that is tailored to your business and maximizes value from your data investments.

Our consultants bring a business-focused, pragmatic and practical approach to data strategy.

The consultants have significant experience applying a data strategy framework to a wide variety of industries. They can bring a high level of expertise and credibility to your organization helping to reduce risk, manage expectations, and increase the chances of success.

Our consultants have built data strategy frameworks and data governance strategies for numerous clients across a number of industries including healthcare, retail, financial services, mining, construction, professional services and government.

We can work with you to craft a new strategy for your business, to review and tune-up existing data strategies, or to provide training and support for those who want to develop their data strategy in-house.

Data Strategy Quickstart

Cognopia’s Data Strategy Quickstart is a 1-day workshop designed to address the data strategy and data governance needs of a business.

The workshop is designed to be interactive and engaging for participants and will help business leaders achieve the following goals:

    • Align organizational goals to enterprise goals
    • Design a data strategy that will support sustainable business growth
    • Define data governance and data quality expectations and standards
    • Define information, knowledge, and insight needs of the business
    • Determine the right metrics for measuring success of the data strategy.

The Quickstart approach tackles a specific business problem or opportunity, and uses our experience in Decision Intelligence to model the best possible strategic solution. We’ll pull insights from across teams, breaking down business silos to laser in on the role data needs to play to meet and exceed the goals of your executive team. The result is a clear plan, guided by simple principles and mapped out into a sequence of coordinated actions that your team can follow to succeed.

How it works:

Let’s start with a quick discovery call to understand your objectives. We’ll run our free data maturity assessment to understand your as-is state, and combine that with desktop research to make suggestions on where you can immediately improve. You can then engage our expert team to help scope the data strategy, or review one you have created already.

Engaging Cognopia couldn’t be any easier. We can deliver guidance on an ad-hoc basis, or can be engaged on a deeper level to interview, document and design a data strategy that helps you win with data. Once we have clearly defined the problem statement we can launch our Data Strategy Quickstart workshop, putting your team well on the way to success in a single day. Our flexible engagement options can fit any size of company or budget, so get in touch with us to get started today.