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Data Strategy Consulting Services

Only 2% of firms have a great data strategy. We’ll ensure you join them.

What needs to be in your data strategy?

Diagnose the Problem

Where is data preventing your business from achieving its goals? What could you achieve with better data? What skills and capabilities are you missing today?

Our Method Works

We'll laser in on the problem or opportunity that data offers your firm. Then we'll create a plan to solve it that is achievable in your business.

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A Guiding Policy

You need a guiding policy that everyone in the firm understands. This helps your staff know what to do to achieve your data ambitions. We'll help you craft one.

Our Method Works

We help you establish a clear policy that guides decisions around data. Once your staff know why they need to follow your strategy you'll be set up to succeed.

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Coordinated Actions

We turn the policy into a sequence of coordinated actions that lead to our goal. All staff know what to do and when to do it, so you easily solve your problems and unlock opportunities.

Our Method Works

We pioneered the use of Decision Modelling to shape Data Strategy. Our method brings stakeholders together to ensure data ambition and business outcomes are aligned.

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What we do:

Business Alignment

The first step is reviewing existing business strategy and ambition. We map out your business model to identify major data opportunity areas today.

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Data is your most unique Enterprise Asset. We will help you identify where and how it can drive maximum value for your business.

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Start in the Right Place

Data strategies fail when they over promise or bite off more than they can chew. We'll work out what your firm is able to achieve and set realistic, achievable targets.

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Deploying data and technology is pointless if your firm lacks the skills to use it. We'll make a realistic plan that's bespoke for you.

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Coordinated Action

We work with your team and identify major levers that help achieve your strategic goal. We'll then link these together to create your tactical execution roadmap.

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Our workshops engage C-Suite and "D-Suite" - the doers in your firm. Each group brings unique experience that helps you avoid unforeseen mistakes.

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Data Training

Want to do it yourself? We put our knowledge and methodology into a training course just for you.

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Become a Data Leader

We use bite-sized, practical lessons packed with real-world examples to teach you what to do to succeed. Learn how to turn your data into a valuable business asset.

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Why choose Cognopia?

No B.S.

We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Engage us if you value open, honest collaboration and want to make real change in your business.

Target Success

With over 45 years experience, we know why digital transformations fail. We can lead you on the path to success using our proprietary methodologies.


We believe that an engagement with a customer is a partnership. Let's work together to help you unlock your business potential.

High quality

We put quality first and believe in doing it nice, not doing it twice. We'd rather invest effort up front and not on project rescue once mistakes have been made.

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Only 2% of firms have a great data strategy. We'll ensure you join them. Get in touch so we can help you make a winning strategy.