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"Cognopia has shown the unwavering support and sponsorship from the evaluation to the implementation. I do not think we could get this far without Cognopia’s endless help and service. "

Junghee Cho
SK Telecom

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hiding in your data.

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Save time.

Systematically examine and make your data trustworthy in a matter of minutes rather than hours . 

Create golden records. 

Transform your cluttered client records into a well-maintained, current, single version of the truth.

Minimal training.

Minimal training is needed to get you up and running with simple training and embedded user guidance.

Correct contacts only.

Validate addresses, phone numbers and emails so you're guaranteed to reach new and existing customers.

Join companies like SK Telecom and DBS in unlocking powerful insights you might be missing and understand your most valuable customers on a deeper level. 
See what Cognopia can do for you today. 

Simple and easy to use. 

Simple, easy to navigate UI designed to help you to proactively identify and manage data quality issues.

Validate post capture.

Stop up to 23% of your revenue wasted on poor quality contact data by validating post capture data in real-time.

Fewer gut decisions.

Make stronger business decisions based on accurate data and deeper insights that you know you can trust.

Dirty data 
destroys value.

Cognopia helps Asia's most successful businesses by running 60+ statistical checks on billions of rows of data in minutes, then cleaning the data with intuitive workflows that automate the tasks you hate.  

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Cognopia Logo

All-in-One Data Quality Tool

Trust and understand 
your data


Revenue wasted by poor quality contact data 


Increase in revenue per lead 



Use out-of-the-box or drag-and-drop workflows for profiling, cleansing and validating your data.

Drag & drop workflows.

Retain customers. 

Retain more customers and boost lifetime value by reducing up to 40% of undeliverable orders.

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Junghee Cho, Project Manager
SK Telecom

"Cognopia has shown 
unwavering support"...

..."from the evaluation to the implementation, I do not think we could get this far without Cognopia’s endless help and service.

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