How much is your data really worth?

Use our data valuation service to find out the value of your data and how you can unlock it.

Even though data is a business’ most valuable asset, most organisations don’t realize its true value. They’re content to stockpile it, often in a variety of different formats, with a vague idea that one day they’ll come back to it when they have time. The problem is that today’s digital economy is in an arms race for data value. The rewards for using data effectively are great, but only for the companies that are able to unlock its true potential and put it to work for them. Cognopia’s Data Valuation service helps companies assess the true value of their data assets, and turn data into value.

Data monetisation made easy

The Cognopia Data Valuation service helps you unlock the value in your data and turn it into revenue

What is the value of your data? It’s a question that’s critical to the success of your company. Data is your most valuable asset, but how can you quantify its value? That’s where Cognopia’s Data Valuation service comes in. The Data Valuation service allows you to quantify the value of your data, and create a data strategy to capitalize on its value. We use a combination of proprietary techniques to analyze every aspect of your data. The result is a detailed valuation report that quantifies the true value of your data. You can then use this information to drive your business forward, and increase revenues.

Data is the new gold, so get ready to mine

Data is a valuable asset, but it’s not a line item in the budget.

56% of firms state that data is a strategic enabler or a competitive differentiator for their business. However, 35% of firms are only looking at data value in terms of cost, unable to see the bigger picture. This creates a huge problem of missed opportunity, leads to under-investment in data management practices, and leads them to fall behind their competitors.

Cognopia has built a suite of data valuation methods that we apply to your business. We can help you identify opportunities to increase revenues, reduce costs, eliminate risks and even to create entirely new data products for your business. Armed with the results of our Data Valuation Service you’ll be able to justify investment in your next data improvement program, creating new revenue streams for your business at the same time.

How it works:

Let’s start with a quick chat to understand your goals and ambitions for data monetisation. We can then tailor an engagement that will bring maximum value in the minimum amount of time. We’ll measure your data maturity to understand how well managed your data is, so we know how easy it will be to monetise your data. Then we’ll scope out the most sensible business areas to focus on in the engagement.

Once we’ve nailed the scope, we’ll use a series of workshops and interviews to determine the right valuation methodologies to apply. Our expert team will tease out multiple use-cases for your data, then work with your business to quantify the value that data brings to each. Lastly we’ll generate new ideas and insight into potential new use cases for your data, so you can create entirely new revenue streams for your business.