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Data Monetisation Consulting Services

Only 9% of firms can properly value their data assets. These leaders make more profit than their peers. We’ll ensure you join them.

Why Monetise your Data?

The data your business captures about the products and services you sell to your customers is unique. No other firm has that knowledge. This makes it incredibly valuable, and unless you can quantify that value, you’re probably not able to capture it. There are 4 key data valuation areas:

Increase Revenues

Beyond simply selling your data through data brokers, we can help you increase revenues by improving Customer Experiences with data.

Our Method Works

We have proprietary techniques that analyse your data opportunities and put a price on data improvements.

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Decrease Costs

On average, 37% of your employees time is spent making decisions and 50% of that time is wasted due to bad data.

How much?

At a typical Fortune 500 company, this could cost $250m in wasted labour costs per year.

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Avoid Risk

Privacy regulations are large and growing. GDPR penalties climb year on year. The risk of a data breach costs the average firm $4.24m USD.

Quantify Risk

We can help you quantify the risk and put a dollar cost upon it. Use that to prioritise mitigation activities and protect what matters.

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Cash Flow

Cash is tied up in unsold inventory and inefficient AR/AP processes. Your data is the key to unlocking this free cash flow.

Pocket Money

Cash is king. Making sure you're paid on time and you exploit opportunities to recycle your cash flow makes your business more efficient.

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What we do:

Business Alignment

The first step is reviewing existing business strategy and ambition. We map out your business model to identify major data opportunity areas today.

Follow our Approach

Data is your most unique Enterprise Asset. We will help you identify where and how it can drive maximum value for your business.

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Data Monetisation Workshops

Once we've identified the major opportunities, we'll run data monetisation workshops to put a price on success and plot a course to capturing this value.

Follow our Approach

The outcome is a practical sequence of steps to increase and unlock the value in your Enterprise data. We'll make a realistic plan that's bespoke for you.

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Data Valuation Training

Want to do it yourself? We put our knowledge and methodology into a training course just for you. Just $399 USD

Become a Data Leader

We use bite-sized, practical lessons packed with real-world examples to teach you what to do to succeed. Learn how to turn your data into a valuable business asset.

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Why choose Cognopia?

No B.S.

We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Engage us if you value open, honest collaboration and want to make real change in your business.

Target Success

With over 45 years experience, we know why digital transformations fail. We can lead you on the path to success using our proprietary methodologies.


We believe that an engagement with a customer is a partnership. Let's work together to help you unlock your business potential.

High quality

We put quality first and believe in doing it nice, not doing it twice. We'd rather invest effort up front and not on project rescue once mistakes have been made.

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Ready to Monetise your Data Assets?

Only 9% of firms can properly value their data assets. These leaders make more profit than their peers. We'll ensure you join them.