We make it easy to run a data management program

We help you succeed by setting up, tuning up or training your teams on how to succeed.

Data Management and Governance is hard. Our 2021 survey demonstrated that organisations have a steep hill to climb in order to get the most value from their enterprise data. When asked about data aspirations, our respondents score 3.07 (out of 5) – wanting to leverage data as a strategic enabler for their businesses. Unfortunately, when we measure data operational reality, the scores slip to 2.27 – which means these companies cannot unlock the value their data holds.

Fortunately, help is at hand. Many of the challenges these firms faced can be fixed by realigning the work that the data management team does against the most pressing challenges their firms face today. Cognopia helps organisations set up, tune up and train their teams in data management best practices.

Get a free data management maturity assessment

Understand where your teams are with their data management maturity and what work remains to be done.
  • Do you have a data management program in place?
  • Do you keep up to date with the latest data management practices?
  • Are you sure your program is delivering value?

The Data Management Maturity Assessment by Cognopia will help you measure your program’s maturity against best practices.This assessment includes 9 common program areas and includes 37 questions.

You’ll receive an immediate report with an overall assessment and a maturity level.

The assessment is for all companies who want to improve their data management programs and achieve better results. The purpose of the assessment is to help you determine:

  • Where to start
  • What skills your team needs to develop
  • How to improve existing processes
  • What’s missing from your current program
  • Areas that are causing problems

Build your data governance team

Get the right people in the right roles to ensure your data governance program is on track.

Developed by Cognopia’s experts, our Data Governance Framework is a critical piece of your Data Management Strategy.

The framework is a guide for organizations to implement a data governance program that will build trust and confidence, establish roles and responsibilities, standardize processes and procedures, and improve performance.

We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach, so the Framework can be customised to deliver maximum value to your organisation, with a roadmap laid out focusing on the data with the most value to your firm front and centre.

Tune up your data governance program

Whether you’re implementing data governance for the first time or looking to take your program to the next level, Cognopia can help.

Ensure data governance is a part of your organisation’s DNA. Data management cannot solve the issues your firm faces without executive-level oversight and engagement.

  • In our 2021 Data Maturity Survey, Cognopia found that only 16% of firms have senior executives engaged in their data improvement program.

We help firms fix this issue and get the resources, funding and support to succeed.

Data governance means exercising executive authority over business data. To achieve this we first need to identify the right data owners and stakeholders to support your program.

We will leverage our ownership framework to get the right people in the right roles for your firm.

Should your Data Governance program be stalling, we can help:

  • Set up or tune up the right Data Governance Framework
  • Establish the Data Governance Roadmap to align your data program with the business ambitions
  • Train and motivate Data Owners and Data Stewards
  • Prioritise the work your team deliver, focusing on areas of greatest value, and;
  • Deliver the policies and processes you need to succeed

How it works:

We start by running our free data maturity assessment to get a comprehensive understanding of your data maturity today. This gives clear direction about what needs to be improved, what’s working well, and where the immediate opportunities are to unlock value in your firm. Companies that want a deeper dive into this can engage Cognopia to help prioritise improvements targeted against the biggest, most valuable opportunities you have today.

Ad hoc
from $297 USD per hour

Engage us on an hour-by-hour basis to provide ideas, inspiration, recommendations and resources to improve. This option suits firms with limited budgets who want to adopt best-practices and are willing to invest time to implement our ideas themselves. We act as a sounding board, bringing best practices and proven ideas that you can immediately put to action in your firm. No long-term commitment, flexible scheduling, focusing on the challenges you want us to help you solve.

from $10k-$100k USD

Scope out a particular problem area, or a phase of your Data Governance program rollout for Cognopia to help with. We will engage you to prioritise the data use cases that deliver the biggest value, and use these to engage and excite your business peers in data management activities. Using a series of workshops, interviews, tools and templates we will rapidly improve your capabilities in a targeted area of the business. We’ll leave you with working methodologies and processes that you can use enterprise wide.

from $100k USD and above

Cognopia can set up your data governance function from scratch, or radically transform your existing function. We can deploy resources that will coordinate your data governance program, identify and engage the right senior stakeholders, and leave behind a working data governance framework and roadmap that is world-class. For those that need it, this option can become a long-term engagement where the data governance function is outsourced to Cognopia.

Get started immediately by completing our Data Maturity Assessment or getting in touch with Cognopia using the form below: