Visually trace your data back to its origin in minutes.

Our solid, state of the art software makes it blazing quick to visualize your information infrastructure and build lineage without human intervention.

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The Next Generation of Data Lineage


Simple and easy to use. 

Immersive UI designed to be an easy way to visualize your data and see how it's being used.

Find data in seconds.

Data is messy, but our semantic search makes it 69 percent faster to find and visualise your records. 

Cut maintenance costs.

Trim maintenance costs by reducing the number of instances of duplicate or repetitive data.

help and service.

"Cognopia has shown the unwavering support and sponsorship from the evaluation to the implementation. I do not think we could get this far without Cognopia’s endless help and service. "

Junghee Cho
SK Telecom

You've got a business to grow.

From expert market assessments to getting your software talking to each other, we'll help you to achieve your most ambitious business goals.

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Data Governance


Your company's growth is
hiding in your data.

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Impact analysis.

Identify the potential consequences of a change in data to avoid breaking reports or systems downstream. 

Trace PII.

Find and trace how personal identifiable information is being used across your organisation.

Shared business glossary.

Build a go-to system to govern business terms and tie data definitions directly to a data lineage diagram.

90% fewer reports.  

Spend less time reading BI and Data Analyst reports and more time growing your business. 


Automatically scan your information infrastructure to build lineage without human intervention. 

Save time and money.

Automate months of investigation, mapping systems and charting business processes.

Join companies like SK Telecom and DBS in unlocking powerful insights you might be missing and understand your most valuable customers on a deeper level. 
See what Cognopia can do for you today. 

Trust and visualize 
your data


ROI within 3-years


Productivity boost for BI and analysts



Junghee Cho, Project Manager
SK Telecom

"Cognopia has shown 
unwavering support"...

..."from the evaluation to the implementation, I do not think we could get this far without Cognopia’s endless help and service.

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