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Data Leadership Bootcamp 1.0 – Learn to Change your Data Culture

Cognopia Data Effectiveness Wheel - Change your Data Culture

Learn to transform your Data Culture the Cognopia Way

Cognopia’s research focus in 2022 has been on Data Culture. Our initial discoveries show:

  1. Data professionals typically realise their data culture is bad within 2 weeks of joining a new position
  2. These same data professionals typically try to change the data culture for 12-18 months before becoming burned out and quitting
  3. Companies with a more collaborative culture also have a better data culture – for every 2 point rise in collaboration scores, we see a 1 point rise in data culture satisfaction scores
  4. Companies with weak data strategies are less satisfied with their data culture than those with well written data strategies
  5. Executive buy in is seen as the most impactful thing for driving change in your data culture

Does that sound familiar for your organisation?

I've been with this company almost two years now, but really coming through the door, walking through the door, I realised the Data Culture was terrible and the situation was quite intimidating

The impact of poor data culture

The impact of poor data culture on the organisation is threefold:

  1. Data literacy is weak, with ad-hoc vanity projects (e.g. AI driven lead-scoring) prioritised over good data hygiene
  2. Data project failure rates are high, with abandoned investments and unused analytics, and;
  3. Data team attrition is off-the-charts, as the frustration of dealing with poor data culture drains the patience of the data team

All of these things have a huge cost to the business that is largely unseen by Senior Leadership.

In order to change the data culture, it is imperative that data professionals step up and provide the leadership around data that their business peers are unable or unwilling to deliver.

What's worked best to change our data culture is Executive sponsorship - having executive support demonstrates that the initiative has value to the enterprise.

Bootcamp Objectives

  1. Provide your team with the leadership skills they need to command Executive-level sponsorship and engagement
  2. Enable the team to understand business strategy, even if they have no MBA or business background, and use it to drive change into your data culture
  3. Enhance your team’s communication skills, so you can craft more compelling value propositions for the business
  4. Develop the team’s negotiation skills so you can confidently stand toe-to-toe with a CEO and prove your worth
  5. Provide the tools you need to increase collaboration and drive up adoption of better data behaviours, from the C-Suite to the “D-Suite” (the staff that do the work)

Better communication with stakeholders has been the best thing for improving our data culture. Being able to explain the value with examples they care about is critical to success.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

Almost all our of respondents to the Data Culture survey felt the need to share their experience with others.

Working in data within a company that has poor data culture is lonely and frustrating. Being able to share that frustration and bounce ideas off a Mastermind group helps solve critical challenges.

As a result, we will form hand-picked groups of delegates to go through our Data Leadership Bootcamp. You’ll work intimately with others to learn and share the experience, and we’ll ensure you Buddy-up with a peer to have long-term success. Corporate groups are welcomed, and we’ll customise the Bootcamp for your unique circumstances.

After all, what you learn in the Bootcamp is just the first step. We’ll be on hand to ensure you apply this knowledge and transform the data culture in your organisation.

Do you need to change your Data Culture?

We will create a customised Bootcamp for your team, or enrol individuals on upcoming public sessions. 

To apply, please fill out the form below:

What happens next?

You’ll receive an email with your application details. We’ll be in touch to let you know if you’ve been successful or not. 

Those who are accepted for the Bootcamp will receive a link via email to buy your ticket. Tickets are $2,197/seat.

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