Cognopia is pleased to have teamed up with Nicola Askham, The Data Governance Coach, to provide in-person training courses for Data Governance professionals in Singapore. This is provided live, online, where attendees will learn how and why they need to set up their Data Governance programme to succeed.

Those attendees who need more practical guidance can stay on for a follow-up Data Governance Clinic, where Nicola will explore the specific challenges you face and provide practical, pragmatic solutions in a group environment.

Course Overview

Nicola has over 16 years’ experience designing, managing and delivering Data Governance programmes. In this course she will be bringing together her career knowledge for your team to learn from, not only providing theory but also the templates, strategies and checklists she’s built up through the years.

The course is perfect for those that have recently been tasked with implementing Data Governance objectives in their organisation, but is equally beneficial to those who might have begun a project and are struggling to realise the full value of their investment.

Core Data Governance Training Topics

  • What Data Governance really is (there is a lot of confusion over what it includes)
  • Data Governance’s relationship with Data Quality
  • Why you need a Data Strategy and how to go about creating one.
  • The constituent parts of a Data Governance Framework and how to design a Framework that will work for your organisation
  • How to go about implementing your Data Governance Framework
  • The skills you need to be successful

Soft Skills Matter Too

One of the major hurdles we see amongst our prospects and clients in Asia is based on soft-skills. For Data Governance to be successful it is not sufficient to be an expert in the Data your organisation uses. You also need to build key interpersonal skills that are just as valuable. Fortunately Nicola specialises in developing this capability – you’ll learn:

  • How to Identify your Data Owners
  • How to allocate Roles and Responsibilities
  • How to effectively communicate the benefits and goals of your Data Governance Programme
  • How to influence your Senior Stakeholders, and get buy-in from your colleagues and direct reports
  • The core behavioural traits of a successful Data Steward – Pragmatism, Persistence and Patience

Get your hands on some Accelerators

You’ll also get access to Nicola’s extensive library of templates and accelerators that can immediately be deployed in your own Data Governance Programme. Key course deliverables include:

  • Nicola’s personal checklist she uses when designing her client’s Data Governance Framework
  • A full Data Governance Health Check Questionnaire
  • Example Data Governance Policies
  • Example Data Governance Frameworks and Roadmaps
  • Example Data Quality Reporting Processes

Whether you’re just starting out, or a seasoned professional, you’ll get value out of Nicola’s engaging personal style and benefit from the war-stories she brings from delivering Data Governance and Data Quality projects in the real-world.

When is the Data Governance Training in Singapore?

We can be completely flexible to suit your needs. The course needs a minimum of 8 delegates before we can confirm a date. If you need 8 or more people trained, you can book a private session. If you need less than 8, please get in touch and we’ll put you on a public course.See the Data Governance Training flyer for more details.

For those that are interested, please complete the form below to get in touch with our friendly team.

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