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Data Analytics is like Junk Food for Management, Data Governance is like Diet and Exercise

Data Analytics vs Data Governance

Data Analytics is like junk food for Managers 🍔 🍟🥤

Data Governance is like diet and exercise 🏃‍♀️🍌🍏

In most businesses, managers are hooked on a diet of junk food. They can’t get enough metrics and dashboards to understand their business.

The data analytics teams are always swamped with new requests.

“Give me this report yesterday!” type behaviour, from a business that acts like a petulant, hungry child.

The C-Suite management are equally hungry for advanced analytics. AI, Machine Learning, the latest in Predictive and Prescriptive analytics to tell them what to do next (or, more likely, to ensure they can tell their other C-level pals at the Golf Club how “data-driven” their business is).

What’s the problem?

Like junk food, it’s not really satisfying. They greedily gobble up the report, but the minute that’s consumed they’re left hungry for more.

Their data is junk.

The Analytics fails to satisfy their hunger because the reports don’t tally up.

Different teams have different reports, and none of them aligns.

Just like any other couch potato; binge-watching Netflix and having McDonald’s on speed dial, the data needs to have a dose of exercise and healthy eating.

Unfortunately, no one likes exercise and proper diet.

And your management won’t like putting their data through a rigorous training regime either (especially when you make them Accountable for their data being right).

If you fail to get the management to understand the need for data exercise and diet (governance), your data analytics function is going to die sooner than it should (funding cut, staff layoffs, yet more technology on the scrap heap).

Like any healthy eating program, it takes time, effort, willpower and sustained enthusiasm to succeed.

Driving lasting behavioural change in your business is every bit as hard as driving lasting behavioural change in your personal diet and exercise plan (as my own “Covid Belly” is proving).

The payoff can be spectacular, delivering a fitter, leaner, more agile business that will outlive its peers.

It’s time to wean your business off the data analytics junk food diet and start serving up a healthier menu.

Give us a shout if you’d like to find out how.

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