Cognopia has signed SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest Telecommunications company by market share, as a customer for the Collibra Data Governance Center.

SK has invested in the Collibra Data Governance Center to increase the value of their Big Data initiatives and ensure business decisions can be based on trustworthy, easy-to-find data.

Having seen the value of Big Data, SK Telecom has increased efforts to gather data from the enterprise in recent years and is now seeking to unlock the value this Big Data asset can deliver.

Junghee Cho, Project Manager for the SK Telecom Data Centre of Excellence said:

SK Telecom is definitely one of the leading companies in the big data area in the nation. For the past years, we have put our efforts into collecting and processing an enormous amount of data from all over the corporation, which runs a telecommunications business with market share of 50%. However, the management and utilization have been getting more and more complex and difficult as we deal with more data every day. That is why we decided to initiate our data governance practice.

Big Data Governance

Like many organisations, SK Telecom struggled with the volume and complexity of data across the enterprise. In order to ensure collaboration between Business and IT users in the Data Governance Programme, SK Telecom embarked upon a selection process for modern, user-friendly Data Governance software to support this team. Collibra, the leading data governance software platform for business users, was selected by SK Telecom as the best choice to meet this need.

Our aim is to let employees find, understand and utilize data in an easier and more managed way. We studied a few globally well-known solutions and picked Collibra Data Governance Center for the reason that it is simple and light in utilization but very flexible and customizable in operation. Collibra opens a way to implement the data governance platform in a customer’s way.

said Mr Cho.

Cognopia’s Value Proposition

SK Telecom was assisted in the software selection process by Cognopia Pte Ltd, a Singaporean based reseller of the Collibra Data Governance Center that specializes in bringing foreign owned software solutions to market in the Asia Pacific region. Of the relationship

Mr. Cho said:

Cognopia has shown the unwavering support and sponsorship from the evaluation to the implementation. I do not think we could get this far without Cognopia’s endless help and service.

Neil Burge, Cognopia’s CEO, said:

We are delighted that SK Telecom has invested in Collibra’s industry leading Data Governance Center. Korean companies are typically very advanced in their ability to gather and process large volumes of data, yet they may struggle to unlock the value contained in this asset. We expect other leading Korean firms to expand their own Data Governance initiatives in the coming years. SK Telecom is showing great leadership by being an early adopter of this technology in Korea.

If you are interested in learning more about the Collibra Data Governance Center and how it can help transform your business intelligence initiatives, please get in touch with us today.