Cognopia is proud to be Collibra’s Authorised Reseller for the Collibra Data Governance Center in Asia. Building upon decades of experience providing sales in the Financial Services, Commodity Trading and Shipping industry, Cognopia is ideally placed to deliver sustained customer growth for the region.

Collibra is a clear leader in the Data Governance space. With key requirements in Banking like BCBS 239, ever-increasing requirements for Data Privacy under the PDPA, and growth in the appointment of Chief Data Officers in Asia, Cognopia expects to see substantial customer growth across Asia.


Data Governance has become an essential pillar of any well-run organisation in the US and Europe.

Companies in Asia are increasingly investing in Big Data projects, but run the risk of failure without adequate Data Governance capabilities in place.

Business Intelligence can only be unlocked if the underlying data is well-governed.

The Data Governance Center enables business users to Find, Understand and Trust their data – dramatically reducing the time Data Scientists spend searching for usable information.

Collibra’s Data Governance solution empowers business users to Find, Understand and Trust their data.


Collibra is consistently ranked as a leader in both Gartner and Forrester Research papers. It’s extremely exciting to represent this industry-leading technology here in Asia.

If your organisation is grappling with Data Governance issues then get in touch with Cognopia today. Our experienced team is here to provide all the information you need to succeed.