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ASG has signed up with Cognopia to represent the ASG Data Intelligence platform and to partner in the APAC market. This is a strategic engagement that seeks to leverage Cognopia’s depth of knowledge in this niche Data Governance marketplace, and to bring industry-leading technology to Cognopia’s existing clients and prospects.

“We put tremendous value in relationships with vendors, such as Cognopia, that have deep experience in the region and a commitment to providing proven solutions to customers,”

said Saurabh Kothari, vice president of Channels across Asia and Middle East, ASG Technologies.

Our work with these partners on software and integrations of complementary solutions helps to enhance the value proposition of our solutions and expand its availability so that businesses can quickly and confidently make data-driven decisions.”

Cognopia’s team were quick to identify the great value the technology could bring to clients in Asia. The ASG solution can scan metadata repositories across the enterprise IT landscape and stitch together a “zero gap” data lineage. The automatic process of building Data Lineages is highly sought after in Asia, where clients want to focus on the governance of their data without spending too much time and money documenting where it exists. The lineages can be used to create trust in reporting metrics as well as to help trim IT maintenance costs where there’s a lot of legacy systems and technological debt.

“We are excited to partner with ASG in representing the data intelligence solution across APAC,”

added Neil Burge, CEO of Cognopia.

“In our experience, many data governance initiatives in Asia struggle because defining and documenting data lineage manually is often too great for many businesses.”

“We are thrilled to bring solutions to the market that will accelerate and simplify the process of adopting data governance to have an immediate impact on data usage analysis and data privacy and protection objectives.”