Who we are and why we’re here

About us

Cognopia was founded in Singapore, in 2016. We’re a small team of dedicated professionals that got sick of seeing data projects fall in a big heap. Most of the time these projects did not have to fail. They were started with lofty ambitions, staffed with dedicated people, and armed to the teeth with funding.

Right, first time

Projects tended to fail for entirely predictable and preventable reasons. So rather than stick with the status quo, we set out to change this. We believe in doing things right, first time, so you don’t have to do them for a second time. Creating great requirements, engaging the business, and putting a dollar value on success matter to us.

Collaborate, always

Our approach is collaborative. The time for vendor vs customer is over. We’re a team. We all want to succeed, whether that’s in delighting you with our service or seeing your delight when your project hits a home run. Let’s work together to achieve great things, then celebrate together when we do so.

Ask the right questions

We like to push back, challenging authority and the status quo. We always ask why. It’s the most important question – if we don’t know why we’re doing something then we stop and find a more important task to complete. We’ll help you understand the why that drives behavioural change in your organisation too.

Quality above everything

Quality is our benchmark. You would not believe how much time we spent ensuring the text you’ve just read is in exactly the right place. Anything worth doing is worth doing well.

Enjoy the ride

We’ve got to have fun. Our style is a bit quirky. We poke fun at ourselves. If we can make you smile or laugh then we’ve done something right, even if the work we do is dead serious.

Cut the cr*p

We make the complex, simple. Buzzwords and jargon bore the pants off business people. Talk in their language. Explain it like you’re 5. If my mum can’t understand it, I’m not writing it on a page.

Our word matters

Lastly, we work with integrity. If we say we’re going to do something, it’s as good as done. Our word is our bond.

What we do

We help you make better decisions with data.

We’ll help build data strategies, set up, train and run data governance and quality programs, leverage the best ideas in change management to get things flying, or just listen to your problems and provide a helping hand. Get in touch to learn more.

Bringing the power of data to life.

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