Data-Driven Business Transformation - Put Your Data to Work

Data-Driven Business Transformation

We help you hit your business targets with data so you can increase revenues, decrease costs and eliminate risks from your business.
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Who we help:

C-Suite Leaders

You want to run a data-driven business and make more money, but past digital transformations have underwhelmed. Leading firms have a few simple traits that you can adopt to succeed.

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We specialise in creating digital and data strategies that you can actually execute. Take control of your data, today.

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Data Teams

You need to deliver on the promise of data-driven business transformation, but may be overwhelmed by the scale of the challenge. We'll find the right starting point just for you.

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We set up, train and run data governance and management teams. We can help you plug the gaps between management expectations and your daily reality.

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Business Strategists

You're trying to move the business forward, and you know that data and digital tools play a critical role. But how do you create a strategy that gets results?

Model your Decisions

We can help model your strategic decisions, so you can test-drive your strategy before you spend a penny on implementation. 

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What we do:

Digital and Data Strategy

We put together a bespoke strategy that's aligned with your business vision, ambition and capabilities today. Ditch the blue-sky, unachievable plan and get a strategy that actually works for you.

Unlock your Potential

Only 2% of firms have a digital strategy aligned to their business strategy. Those that fail to link the two experience digital transformation failure. Learn how you can join the top 2%.

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Data Training

Learn why data drives business performance so you can make more money. We teach the skills you need to identify data opportunities and turn them into business outcomes that matter. 

Become a Data Leader

We use bite-sized, practical lessons packed with real-world examples to teach you what to do to succeed. Learn how to turn your data into a valuable business asset.

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Data Governance Consulting

Is your data well governed today? Or do you have data quality issues with untrustworthy and inconsistent reports? Find out how much money you're wasting on unmanaged data.

Manage your Data

We can help you build or tune-up your data management framework to deliver business outcomes that matter. Get your data working for you.

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Increase revenues

Data Monetisation Consulting

Every firm we speak with wants their data to be an Enterprise Asset. The challenge for many is putting a dollar figure on their data that management believes. We'll help you get it right.

Sweat your Data Assets

Increase revenues, cut costs and eliminate risks using our data monetisation techniques. We can help you squeeze value from your data assets.

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Data Maturity Assessments

Baseline your data management capabilities using our online assessment. It's a free tool that determines where the gaps are in your data management framework.

Increase your Data Maturity

Armed with a data maturity assessment you can plan where and how you increase your data capabilities. Learn how your firm stacks up with the competition with this quick, free assessment.

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Free Data Resources

Check out our articles on data, data governance and driving business performance with data. Learn how you can make the most of your data assets today.

Pick up New Skills

Read up on our approaches to successfully unlocking the value of your data.

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Why choose Cognopia?

No B.S.

We tell you what you need to hear, not what you want to hear. Engage us if you value open, honest collaboration and want to make real change in your business.

Target Success

With over 45 years experience, we know why digital transformations fail. We can lead you on the path to success using our proprietary methodologies.


We believe that an engagement with a customer is a partnership. Let's work together to help you unlock your business potential.

High quality

We put quality first and believe in doing it nice, not doing it twice. We'd rather invest effort up front and not on project rescue once mistakes have been made.

Our happy customers:

Ready to become data-driven?

We help you hit your business targets with data so you can increase revenues, decrease costs and eliminate risks from your business.