Data Management: Get the ROI You Deserve

Supercharge your data management function
Accelerate your success in Data Management

Get the ROI you deserve with data management services that help you set up, tune-up or train your data management program. Cognopia’s expert team delivers expertise in the following areas:

  • Data Management – set up and train your team to succeed
  • Data Governance – establish Enterprise authority over business data
  • Executive Education – your senior leaders don’t care about data problems as much as you do, we can help fix that
  • Data Quality – prioritise and fix the data issues that cost your business time and money
  • Data Strategies – align your work with the goals and ambitions of your business peers to maximise your program success

Our data management services fit your needs and are customised to your goals and business ambitions.

Data Management Maturity Assessment

Cognopia’s Data Management Maturity Assessment will measure the state of your data management program. We use the results to determine if your capabilities today are aligned with your company’s objectives. Learn the maturity level of your data management programs with this free assessment.

The benefit of a baseline assessment is that we know what you have to work with today. We can then drill in deeper to identify the right improvement program to get you where you need to be. We email you the free report shortly after you’ve submitted the quiz.

For those firms seeking a quick and easy way to boost their data management maturity, Cognopia provides guided one-on-one consulting sessions to coach you how and where you need to improve.

Data Governance Services

Ensure data governance is a part of your organisation’s DNA. Data management cannot solve the issues your firm faces without executive-level oversight and engagement. In our 2021 Data Maturity Survey, Cognopia found that only 16% of firms have senior executives engaged in their data improvement program. We help firms fix this issue and get the resources, funding and support to succeed.

Data governance means exercising executive authority over business data. To achieve this we first need to identify the right data owners and stakeholders to support your program. We will leverage our ownership framework to get the right people in the right roles for your firm.

Should your Data Governance program be stalling, we can help:

  • Set up or tune up the right Data Governance Framework
  • Establish the Data Governance Roadmap to align your data program with the business ambitions
  • Train and motivate Data Owners and Data Stewards
  • Prioritise the work your team deliver, focusing on areas of greatest value, and;
  • Deliver the policies and processes you need to succeed

Data Quality Improvements

One of the main reasons firms establish a data management function is to improve the quality of their enterprise data. 37% of the firms we speak to know their data is poor quality, but have no policies or processes in place to fix that. Cognopia can help.

Our team will start by scoping the problem your firm faces today and placing a dollar value on the fix. This focuses minds and makes executives sit up and take notice.

Having defined the cost of bad data today, we can then set out to help set up, train and improve your data quality team. We rapidly improve data sets that have the best return on investment so you can prove your worth to the business.

Data Strategy Services

56% of firms we speak with state that “Data is a strategic enabler, or driver of competitive differentiation” for their business. Yet less than 33% of firms have a data strategy today. Of those that do, it’s often a wish-list of technology products that serve the IT function more than they serve the business.

Cognopia can help you align your data strategy against your business strategy. We’ll help you get funding for the work you want to do, and avoid work that wastes time and effort.

Our data monetisation team can help you create true enterprise value from your data assets. Get in touch to discuss how we can help your team today.

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